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Safety Third 35% Thunderpower Discount

Established Safety Third pilots can receive a 35% discount on Adrenaline/Magna/Rampage products (30% on everything else). It's not a code - I personally have to vouch for the person placing the order. Just follow these instructions. Please create a Thunderpower login and reference that in your order.



Step Process
1 Send me an email to as follows:
2 Subject - Safety Third Racing - Thunderpower Order (Your name)
3 Body -

Indicate the part number and quantity you want to purchase.

Provide your full name, mailing address and your paypal email.

4 I will pass the order onto our Thunderpower rep who will create your order and contact you directly for billing/shipping information.
5 After you are contacted, you must arrange payment and shipping details directly with Thunderpower.

I will not be in the loop after I hand off and approve it.

6 After the order is created and you've paid the invoice, you can track it like any other Thundershower order
7 For status or other order queries, please use the order number and contact Thunderpower directly.

Do not ask me for status, I'm not in the order processing loop.

8 Example email:



SUBJECT: Safety Third Racing - Thunderpower Order (Kyle Smith)


Please process the following order

6X - TP1300-4SA100X

3X - TP1600-4SAS95

2x - TP1300-5SA100X

Kyle Smith

125 Main Street

BumbleBee, NJ 08877

Paypal email:

Battery Accessories

Make Model Sources Notes
Generic Low Voltage Alarm Hobby King Top Ratings
DigiKey 4S st-xhp connector housing (4s Plastic Balance Connector for LiPo)) DigiKey DigiKey Part Number 455-2268-ND
DigiKey jst-xhp metal connector to crimp on naked wires - used for Plastic Balance Connectors DigiKey
Generic Balance Plug Protector 3S Amazon
Generic Balance Plug Protector 4S Amazon AliExpress Mass Quantity
Generic LiPo Battery Capacity Checker Amazon
Generic Tool Balance Lead/Dupont Crimping tool Amazon Must have for dupont type JST/balance lead connectors

Nonslip Mat

Nonslip Mat (jleyland)