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Safety Third Racing eSeries

OCT 23-28th - Qualifying Track

Item Setting
Scenery Countryside
Official Track SFPV VRL 2
Race Mode Single Class
Race Format Fastest Time
Laps 3

How to Join the Qualifiers

Activity Screen Cap
Join the Discord #sim room and see if anyone is around Join discord.png
Start Velicdrone and go to MuliPlayer JoinMulti.png
Select your Model Select Model.png
Choose "America" region then type in "SafetyThirdeRacingSeries" in the session name. Our room is hidden so you must type it in to join. JoinSession.png
If you cannot find an active session then please HOST one!
Host Step 1 - First click "Host Session", then choose the scenery based on the qualifying track listed above Select Host.png
Host Step 2 - Change the Session Name to "SafetyThirdeRacingSeries" , 3 laps and click "Hidden" Host 2.png

How do I view the qualifying results?

Activity Screen Cap
Go here :
Also, you can put your name at the end of the link