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Creating a Pilot Record

Fill out the form
You'll get an activation email - it might go to SPAM
You user/member status will be manually updated before 4/3/17.  It might show basic or expiring - don't worry
The page is under development and will change A LOT in the next 30 days

Resetting your password

User Feeback/Bug List

ID Date Suggestion/Bugs
1 3.26

after requesting new password, a "success" page is given, suggest on that page to give a link back to the login page.

2 3.30

Email goes to spam - experiment with diff subect lines? Warn user w/message?

3 3.31

member page does not interrogate 'dues_paid' to calculate renewal

4 3.31

member page does not show my pro status - that's ok it will be set properly within a day or two of your account creation

5 4.13

member page does reflect proper date I paid membership nor correct expiration dates - don't worry. You are in the right channel's for your membership, the website will be updated on a volunteer's available time to address this.

6 4.14

Ignore "Dues Paid" date, "Expiration" date, any messages that say "Expiring Soon". If you are a pro member, only report an issue if you CANNOT access the "PRO Member Benefits" Section.

Development List

ID/Status Iteration Feature/Behavior
1/Done mvp

Edit Email Address

2/Declined mvp

Link by Pilot ID - Link by Usernam

3/Done mvp

Allow edit of fields (a,b,c,d) after creating record and logging back in

4 V1.0

Show next 5 events in footer by selecting from event table

5 V1.0

allow user to display full event calendar for the season

6/done mvp

Discount Codes displayed on PRO section - source data from table

7/done mvp

users login username. Let pilots enter various usernames for different social media sites

8 V1.1

Display Group Buy comments and status for all members

9 V1.1

Show all Group Buy details including link to participate on pro page

10 V2

Member Resource grid driven by database. (Race Registraions, membership Welcome Page, Wiki Page, Limit by pro vs basic, Find Pilots Page, Flying location map)