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High Level Event Checklists

Link Description
Race Planning

Making sure you have proper advertising, home or away event, coordinating event help, field obstacles

Day of Race

Pilot Check In, Race Day printed sheets, track setup, pilot area setup

End of Race

Cleanup, posting results

Misc Processes https://www.dropbox.com/s/usx7iot8kixmcsy/Race%20Director%27s%20MGP%20Guild.docx?dl=0

Using MultiGP

Creating a new event

Adding Pilots Manually

Creating Heats

Recording the scores

Advancing to finals

Using Meetup

Race Operations - Scoring Engine

Installing Livetime

Configuring Network

Attaching the decoder

Configure the event

Registering Pilots

Practice Session

Competition Session

Publishing Results

== Decoders (Immersion RC, TBS Event Tracker)

Immersion RC - Installation and communication test

Immersion RC - Configuring the scoring engine

Immersion RC - Testing the pilots

Immersion RC - Typical Settings

Immersion RC - Troublehooting

TBS Event Tracker - Installation and communication test

TBS Event Tracker - Configuring the scoring engine

TBS Event Tracker - Testing the pilots

TBS Event Tracker - Typical Settings

TBS Event Tracker - Troublehooting

Field Structures

MGP Style Gates

other stuff

michaeldornisch [3:46 PM] I've never been brought down by the man yet. And one place I fly is within line of sight of a police station. Here's my opsec rules: 1. Don't ever start flying where there's already people. 2. If people come to the park after I arrive, I land, walk over, introduce myself, and ask if they mind me flying in the area of the park they aren't in. Never had a person say no, but everybody says thanks for reaching out. 3. If its anywhere near neighborhoods, or other areas where people can complain about the noise, I fly below the treeline, with either a 250 quad with quiet motors and props, or something smaller like my u120. _everybody_ thinks the u120 is so cute and nonthreatening. 4. Always have my fpv watch for someone to watch what I am doing

[3:49] I've been approached by an officer before. but he talked to some guy playing frisbee first. When he came over to me he mentioned that it was very courteous of me to ask if I was bothering him. He checked out what I was doing, I showed him the watch, and he said it was cool and he was on his way

[3:50] The watch is fantastic to give to bystanders because the screen is so terrible and the antenna is not nearly as good as a diversity setup in goggles. So when people see the terrible quality and the static, they know I can't be spying on them

michaeldornisch [3:55 PM] depending on the person and how long you're talking for, sometimes it's nice to mention that you are part of the largest non-profit organization on the east coast that educates at schools, parks and events about drone technology and the safe and legal way to have fun