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Welcome to Safety Third Racing eSeries  !

Here you will find links to get you started, instructions on how to qualify and compete in our weekly SIM eSeries!

Link Description
Getting Started in the eSeries

A list of the sites and tools we use. Be sure to start here and download/create accounts these sites.

Join the weekly qualifiers in the eSeries

How to join, which tracks to run, how to check your standings

Configuring for the eSeries

A list of each of the systems/site was use and the custom room names, settings, etc.

Beta team for the eSeries

Team Members participating in the eSeries

Operations Team Processes

SOPs for hosting, live streaming, scoring, etc

YOUR suggestions, improvements, corrections, ideas


OCT 29th - Tournament Track

Item Setting
Scenery TBD
Official Track TBD
Host TBD
Race Format First to 100 pts end the competition (1st-10, 2nd-7, 3rd-4) (1:1 Heads up separate tie breaker single lap fastest lap)

Beta Team Discussions

Item/Priority Description
Streaming YouTube Live (decided 10/25)
Scoring Beta: Wiki Rollout: Challonge or MultiGP or S3 Custom
Chat and voice Discord (decided 10/25)
Misc Sunday’s race format, brackets and points tracking, how do pilots check results, no shows/rage quit, late, substitutions/challounge reg at cutoff, no redo's if the host drops before all players finish or down, version updates, long term hosting solution. Figure out how to private