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The official Slack Reference Guide


Overview and Etiquette

Slack is an awesome way to stay connected with Safety Third Racing. We exchange information about what to buy, build, where to fly, latest events and everything drone racing related. We use this slack as the first line of communication to our team members. WELCOME!

  • Each channel has a purpose/topic.
  • Keep your conversations on topic so it's easy for the group to participate and keep track. For example, don't post your flying videos in #pub_buying and don't ask for ESC Calibration tips in #pub_classified. It's common to participate in many conversations at once as you click between channels.
  • IF you are new to the team, be sure to ask any questions in #pub_new-to-s3
  • Basic members have access to all public and business channels. You need to be a pro member to unlock the private channels for build and repair advice.
  • All slack images will be deleted once a month to save space, usually sometime over the last weekend of each month.

Guide to Making Slack Announcements ->

Final Note - These are not all the channels on our slack, but these are most of the permanent ones. We have special private channels for projects, initiatives, operations, and event-specific discussions.

Public Channels - All channel starting with #pub or #biz

Channel Description
pub_general This channel does not support ongoing conversations and is used for club-wide announcements. Think of it as a bulletin board that holds messages for a while without scrolling off. Special permission is needed to post here. If you need a club-wide announcement, please see ToastaMahogey.
pub_flea-market These are MEMBER to MEMBER transactions. Stuff you want to get rid of.. Stuff you are looking for but cannot find. Use these guidelines:
  • WTS - Want to Sell
  • WTB - Want to Buy
  • BNIB - Brand new in box

Sample post : WTS 5x BNIB Cobra 2204 2300kV motors (All new) - $19 each Contact TheLEDMan


These are MEMBER TO VENDOR Transactions. Stuff you are buying new from businesses. Announcements of new gear on the market, Specials that members have found,etc. If you are a good person, please post your awesome finds in here before it rolls off slack !


If you are new to the team and recently joined our slack, ask questions about slack usage, etiquette, our web sites and other resources. We hope that you become a Pro member!


Totally random conversation, stupid things you found on the web, anything non-drone related.


Events we are planning, a place to look for a buddy to fly with on short notice.


Be careful! Sometimes we get together and buy a very large quantity of a particular item at a deep discount. Not for the faint of heart.


Post your awesome videos and pix here. Please only post LINKS to your videos. See guidelines below about slack file space utilization - it's limited.


We partner with some awesome vendors, manufacturers, and other business. You'll find any of our partners in channels starting with biz_

Pro Member Channels - Private channels only available to Pro Members

Channel Description
S3_component-advice Pro members advise each other on which components to use in your builds and to discuss new versions/features of many products.
S3_build-advice Pro members show off their awesome build talents and advice each other on common problems along with troubleshooting. If you know the answer to a question posted, answer it! This is crowdsourced tech support!

All you guys with 3D printers, fabrication equipment, makers, hackers, circuitry wizards, designers, geniuses - this channel is for you!


Discussions around event logistics and S3 participation in larger events, track designs and courses, MultiGP discussions, etc.


Build guides, camera settings, wiki links, blog posts, VTX settings, tutorial links, etc.


Team/Club related discussion and planning, social media, online presence, our flying sites, etc.


Channel Description
Sharing videos Use dropbox, Sendvid, Instagram, YouTube or Vimeo. We only have a limited amount of space for pix and vids - don't clog our slack. Sendvid is great for drag/drop no account needed - good for short shelf life troubleshooting vids.
Inviting Users Slack membership is usually granted after flying with Safety Third for the first time. Others can be invited to join but please route all requests through Frank/ToastaMahogey
Cleaning up after yourself To list and delete your files, go to your profile then do this:

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png

Viewing Pinned files Click on the information icon (1) and the pinned items (2) appear. See this image. Pinned.png
Leaving a Channel If you are no longer interested in the topic in that channel, or feel you are in too many channels, you can always leave a channel by typing in "/leave"